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of the Henry Hendricks

Family Organization


The Board of Directors of the Henry Hendricks Family Organization (HHFO) has worked for decades to bring all Hendricks family members living throughout the United States together and to coordinate research efforts to find our ancestors. One of the most appreciated activities of the HHFO has been to send out newsletters one or two times a year through the US postal service.

In the last decade, the HHFO has wrestled with the problem of keeping fiscally sound with the high cost of postage and out of date addresses. With more than 2500 families on our HHFO newsletter list, we find a very small percentage who pay their annual dues that funds the cost of a USPS mailed newsletter, and few who update their addresses.

At the last meeting held in October 2016, the HHFO Board made the difficult decision to move to an electronic format and send newsletters digitally through email. With technology advances, it is now possible to send email newsletters for a fraction of the cost through a dynamic website that is easier to update and maintain.

The HHFO will send one last newsletter this summer and ask family members to go to our new website to register to receive the electronic format. We realize there are a few members who diligently pay their dues and prefer the hard copy versions of the newsletter. We will be happy to mail hard copy versions of the newsletter to those who pay their annual dues and request this service for a limited time. However, these newsletters will be less frequent and only sent one or two times a year compared to a more frequent electronic newsletter that will be sent when new research or new information is available.


We created a new national organization

complete with a new website and logo called the

Hendricks and Hendrickson Dutch Heritage Association

This new organization will bring you the latest research and news about anything Hendricks, Hendrickson, Hendrix...all families descended from our common immigrant ancestors,

Hendrick Willemsz,born around 1634 in Barneveld, Gelderland, Netherlands and

Gysseltje Albertse Bradt who was born March 1637/1638 in Rensselaerswyck, Albany, New York.


2017 Hendricks and Hendrickson Family Reunion on July 7-9, 2017

To celebrate this new organization,

a Hendricks and Hendrickson family reunion

is planned this summer and you and your family are invited.

Two days of celebration and tours of Hendricks(on) family ancestral homes are planned.


At long last...

all the bugs are worked out (we believe)


You can view the Schedule of Events at


Please help us spread the word and get all your family members registered online to receive updates and news of the

Henry Hendricks Family Organization.

To register, go to the home page of



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